We provide homes. A lengthy version of this is we’ve been doing gut rehab on multi-family residential properties for over 25 years, but really we just provide homes. We’re
able to do this because we also operate in tandem as a developer and a construction company. Consolidating these roles mean we’ve been in the unique and fortunate position to save many historic Detroit buildings from demolition.

More importantly, we provide good homes for our tenants by focusing on their individual desires and needs. We manage nearly two hundred units across a dozen properties in Midtown, and we’re pretty darn sure you’ll find one that fits you.

Also, we’re very local. We were born in Detroit and we live in the area, if not on the same block as our properties.


Contact our office at 313.833.8588 or email us at DetroitBOPM@gmail.com.

Scott Lowell

Owns the building, owns the block, owns the air in Midtown. Don’t worry, he’s a nice enough guy as long as you love the USA and appreciate a firm guy hug twice a day. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

Albert Shaw

Would Albert by any other name smell as sweet? Possibly. He heads up our maintenance department and is the chair of our annual Tenant Appreciation BBQ Cookout and Maypole Festival which we’ve never actually had.

Jordan Glass

We caught Jordan stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family. We burned the bread in front him and his family to teach them (and the bread) a lesson and forced Jordan to work for us as penance. We like Jordan.

Peter Wilson

It is rumored Pete is one of the last surviving members of the first Vampire Coven, The Hot Bloods, who released the #1 Hit Single of 1581, ‘Hot Blood Tub’. We’re pretty sure this is just a rumor. Pretty sure.

Patric Campbell II

Eons ago a witch cursed a vain prince, locking his soul in a frog. He was to hop the world til loved by a kind maiden. But she decided to focus on her career and the frog was run over by a Subaru. Patric was the witch.

Shane O’Guin

Years ago Shane fell into a vat of paint while fighting an evil time traveler known as ‘Y2 Kaveman’ and was mostly unchanged beyond needing a long hot shower. He now fights the criminal ‘Y2 Kavewoman’ (no relation).

Jonathan Davidson

Jon is responsible for the somewhat less formal staff profiles above. He promises we’re all extremely hardworking individuals, and we make one H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks of a team, but we also enjoy a good laugh.

A Trusted Company

We are are looking to move into a bigger apartment, but would love to stay in the building, or at least with the same management (Since you guys are AWESOME!)

- Reed

Thank you again for being one of the most professional and understanding property managers I’ve ever had. It was truly a pleasure living here and working with you. If I’m ever looking for another spot in midtown, I’ll be sure to contact you and recommend you to my friends.

- Zach

You guys are definitely the best property management team I’ve ever worked with. So keep up the good work, and thank you so much for handling my recent many concerns so quickly!

- Andrew

“By the way, you’ve been great to work with the last two years so thank you for all of your help!”

- Louisa

“Just wanna say you you all have been the most organised, responsive, attentive bunch I’ve seen since living in this unit. I appreciate your hard work. You all deserve raises.”

- Zech

“I wanted to let you know that it has been amazing renting from you for the past two years. It has been both mine and my wife’s best experience with landlords ever.”

- Nick

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